Become a Volunteer

A community is built through working together, that’s why we believe in the power of volunteering.

Giving your time to help others has a wide range of benefits for you and the community. Not only does volunteering directly help those who need it most, but it also helps to improve your own mental and physical health – as well as reducing your stress levels.

Becoming a volunteer also gives you the opportunity to develop your own skills, from becoming more confident socially to learning new skills through our extensive training programmes.

Our volunteering services are co-ordinated by Community CVS.

“Thanks to Spark for the opportunity they have given me to progress as a person. I have been volunteering at Spark for one year and I have been become confident and that as enabled me to get into paid employment. I have also gained experience within Spark organisation. The staff also made me feel welcome with their warm personality. Thanks again Spark!

Spark Volunteer

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Andrew Kennedy on  or 07593 100627

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