Drug and alcohol outreach team

Our outreach services

We know people can need extra support when it comes to their recovery…

That’s why we offer dedicated outreach services, ensuring we can always reach people who need our help and support. Our outreach team connects with people who drop out of treatment services, educate the community and engage with those most at risk of illness and early death, including the homeless, sex workers and chaotic drug users.

To do this, we go ‘out and about’ with our support and advice, attending local events, hosting information talks at schools, working alongside hospitals and visiting those living and working on the streets.








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Supporting the community

Currently, our outreach teams:

  • Provide a flexible way of contacting, re-connecting and working with all clients who have dropped out of or struggle accessing treatment services.
  • Educate the community on the effects of drug and alcohol use.
  • Offer advice, support and guidance to encourage re-engagement with services.
  • Encourage dependent drug and alcohol users who don’t know about our services to access the treatment they need.
  • Work with hospital staff to transfer drug and alcohol-related hospital admission patients into our services.
  • Offer “in reach” to hospital wards, forming a bridge between hospital and community services.
  • Provide support to street drinkers and seek to engage street drinkers in treatment services.

What we offer

Outreach services we currently provide include:

  • Drug and alcohol outreach
  • Hep C outreach
  • Vulnerable women’s outreach
  • Housing outreach (drug and alcohol-specific)

“As someone who had struggled with substance abuse for years, I found myself in a cycle of dropping out of treatment services and disengaging from help altogether.

The team’s approach was nothing short of remarkable. They didn’t just wait for me to come back to them; they actively sought me out in various settings, meeting me where I was at, both physically and emotionally. Their flexibility and creativity in reaching out to me, even when I had completely lost hope, made all the difference.”

– John

To contact a member of the team to learn more about our outreach services,

please contact us today at 07572 610530 or email BWD@calico.org.uk

Our Outreach Support is delivered by Delphi Medical, IMO, and Red Rose Recovery

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