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We’re here to offer support without judgement, ensuring you have everything you need to kick start your recovery journey. Using our unique shared experiences and high levels of training, we provide trusted support and advice to guide you and your family towards a life beyond drugs and alcohol. 









“If you need help with substance misuse then contact them. You won’t be judged. Friendly safe and very helpful to those who need help.” 


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We don’t just support you; we understand you

Admitting that you need help and seeking support can be scary. We know exactly how you feel, because our team is made up of people just like you; people who have struggled with addiction and have been where you are right now.

Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or looking to refer someone you’re worried about, start by asking yourself.

If you believe alcohol or drugs are making your life problematic, we’re here to guide you – no matter your age, background or circumstances.

We provide a person-centred service, offering care plans based on your unique needs.

 We provide easily accessible and effective services covering most aspects of addiction – including drugs, alcohol and gambling. No matter who you are or how you got here, we’re here to support you and provide a welcoming and friendly place where you won’t be judged. We offer true flexibility and choice in appointments to make your recovery work for you, with fully equipped treatment rooms to help promote privacy and dignity in your appointments.

Our services include

Medical support during detox and rehab – we’ll be here throughout your recovery journey.

Clinical assessments and interventions – checking your health and referring treatment if needed.

Psychological interventions – this helps us identify any problems and treat them quickly.

Detoxification – removing drugs and alcohol from your system to help you get clean. 

Rapid access prescriptions – we can help with urgent prescriptions, including methadone. 

Free counselling services – our professionals are here for confidential appointments throughout your recovery with us.

To help you achieve your goals, our team provide a wide range of services from one-to-one sessions to group therapy, using their past experience and understanding of recovery and addiction to guide you and your family towards a brighter future.  
Working closely with other local charities and services, our people are inclusive of all ages, backgrounds and needs – allowing us to successfully reach more parts of the community and eliminate the stigma surrounding addiction

We’re here to help you, no matter what your story is. 

Call 01254 495014 or email

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