The Spark Brand

About the Spark brand

Our Spark brand is built upon our collaborative approach.

We wanted to have an identity that reflected the connection, partnership, synergy that we aim to bring to our services – spark is the confident energy that gives notice of our optimism and creativity, and offers solutions, as well as support.

We’re proud to be positively associated with expressions such as ‘spark of genius’, a ‘spark of light’, ‘sparkling’.

We’re with you at the start of your journey. We hope to be the light, inspiration and transformation in the mid-point of your journey. We aim to bring about wider change in you, your family and your wider community at the conclusion of your journey with us.

We’re honest about the fact that sparks can have negative connotations too – particularly in the field of substance misuse. But, as a partnership, we are grounded and aware of the challenging environment in which we work. Our brand is aware of the need to meet these challenges head-on.

Our warm orange colour is bright, but also confident and reassuring. Orange is a confident and optimistic colour that enthuses success and a positive journey. The colour orange is also associated with The Calico Group; the lead partner in our collaborative.

Visually, our logo shows the journey will be in the form of a line that ends with a ‘spark’, which symbolises the many positive outcomes.

Our brand uses bold, lower-case lettering with rounded edges to evoke friendliness but also offering strength of support.

Letters are closely spaced to emphasise collaboration and a closeness with service users. It will also emphasis the close relationship between all partners.

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